Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Climate change Nikola

Climate change is happening right now  . I learned that climate change is real and it's happening . We can't see it happening because it's so slow , that's why so many people deny .  . Climate change is happening because humans are overusing natural resources such as fossil fuels . Fossil fuels when burnt release CO2 which creates the greenhouse affect . The greenhouse affect traps heat in the Earth which it warms up . This affect multiple things on the planet . First thing it melts ice glaciers . Because ice glaciers are white they normally reflect light , if they melt the water temperature is going to increase . Plus if they melt they will cause coastal cities to be drowned leaving billions of people homeless . If the melted fresh water interacts with salty water the ocean currents will change , changing the climate . Humans started treating nature as property . Deforestation is also a cause for climate change . Deforestation makes droughts because when you cut trees the humidity is lowered , making deserts . Climate change also affects animals too . If the climate gets warmer the food chain will be changed , animals will get extinct ( 55k animals per year go extinct because of human activity ) , if the ocean warms up the marine life can't survive and all the plants on the bottom where we get 50% of our oxygen will be gone too if we don't stop or change something . Our food is becoming toxic because we dump toxic materials in oceans , which marine life consume . Because of air pollution diseases such as cancer , asthma Etc. are increasing . 30% of kids in a classroom on average has asthma . But there is always a solution to a problem . Some solutions are recycle , turn of electronics when they're not in use , use renewable energy , eat less meat , use electric cars .
This leaves us with a question , will this situation improve ? Will humans survive through all this ?

        N i k o l a   K r i z n a r
                                                                       11 / 16 / 2016


  1. I will totally try a few of those things to stop climate change nice post!