Saturday, 15 October 2016

Can we be proud of Canadian immigration


       By:Nikola B Kriznar

  I say that we can be proud of Canadian immigration while Canada was mostly French . The French were  friendly with Native people and even were allied with them once the British came . The British didn't have any intent to share the land with the Natives , in fact they tried to get rid of them . Looking back to this , this wasn't something to be proud of.At the begginning of the colonization people were brought to Canada for their own uses ex . Chinese people when they were building CPR , they were in rough conditions for 4 years after they arrived in ships . However as time went , things improved . Introducing the point system during the late 1960s helped on how they bring people in to Canada . After they introduced the point system , skilled people from around the world came to Canada , which helped the Canadian economy , after the Western expansion . From then it's all the same to now . Canada also takes refuge from countries that are in war , or have a bad economy or such ex . Syria . This doesn't help the economy but Canada still does it . There are 3types of immigrants that Canada takes , Economic , family class , refuge . There was also racial discrimination  to Chinese people because they had to pay more than other in 1800s and 1900s than, and when they were building the railway they didn't get free food which other people got . But in the present that changed and Canada is full of diffrent cultures which is to be proud of  .
Overall Canadian immigration history is to not and to be proud of . In the present it's to be proud of Canadian immigration because of the amount of Syrian refugees that are being saved from persecution .
This leaves us with a question . Is Canadian immigration going to be the same , worse or better in the future . In the past we saw both . ^


  1. Wow thats so true great info bro.

  2. Nice job Nikola! A very reflective opinion! Some really good thoughts here! :)