Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Cons of Forestry

Forestry increases the CO2 levels in the atmosphere . Because of this greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere . Because of this the temperature is increased and the ice caps melt on the south and north pole . Short term Canada will benefit because of the increase of tempreture alot of people will be willing to move to the North because the Cold was always a push factor when it came to the North . But in the long term some parts of Canada will be under water which means people will loose their homes . By reducing tree cutting and managing it better we can reduce the CO2 submissions into the atmosphere reducing the effects . Personally I think we need to use wood appropriately .  And if we don't we will become a planet like Venus . What do you think the world will look like in 1000 years ?

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Climate change Nikola

Climate change is happening right now  . I learned that climate change is real and it's happening . We can't see it happening because it's so slow , that's why so many people deny .  . Climate change is happening because humans are overusing natural resources such as fossil fuels . Fossil fuels when burnt release CO2 which creates the greenhouse affect . The greenhouse affect traps heat in the Earth which it warms up . This affect multiple things on the planet . First thing it melts ice glaciers . Because ice glaciers are white they normally reflect light , if they melt the water temperature is going to increase . Plus if they melt they will cause coastal cities to be drowned leaving billions of people homeless . If the melted fresh water interacts with salty water the ocean currents will change , changing the climate . Humans started treating nature as property . Deforestation is also a cause for climate change . Deforestation makes droughts because when you cut trees the humidity is lowered , making deserts . Climate change also affects animals too . If the climate gets warmer the food chain will be changed , animals will get extinct ( 55k animals per year go extinct because of human activity ) , if the ocean warms up the marine life can't survive and all the plants on the bottom where we get 50% of our oxygen will be gone too if we don't stop or change something . Our food is becoming toxic because we dump toxic materials in oceans , which marine life consume . Because of air pollution diseases such as cancer , asthma Etc. are increasing . 30% of kids in a classroom on average has asthma . But there is always a solution to a problem . Some solutions are recycle , turn of electronics when they're not in use , use renewable energy , eat less meat , use electric cars .
This leaves us with a question , will this situation improve ? Will humans survive through all this ?

        N i k o l a   K r i z n a r
                                                                       11 / 16 / 2016

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Can we be proud of Canadian immigration


       By:Nikola B Kriznar

  I say that we can be proud of Canadian immigration while Canada was mostly French . The French were  friendly with Native people and even were allied with them once the British came . The British didn't have any intent to share the land with the Natives , in fact they tried to get rid of them . Looking back to this , this wasn't something to be proud of.At the begginning of the colonization people were brought to Canada for their own uses ex . Chinese people when they were building CPR , they were in rough conditions for 4 years after they arrived in ships . However as time went , things improved . Introducing the point system during the late 1960s helped on how they bring people in to Canada . After they introduced the point system , skilled people from around the world came to Canada , which helped the Canadian economy , after the Western expansion . From then it's all the same to now . Canada also takes refuge from countries that are in war , or have a bad economy or such ex . Syria . This doesn't help the economy but Canada still does it . There are 3types of immigrants that Canada takes , Economic , family class , refuge . There was also racial discrimination  to Chinese people because they had to pay more than other in 1800s and 1900s than, and when they were building the railway they didn't get free food which other people got . But in the present that changed and Canada is full of diffrent cultures which is to be proud of  .
Overall Canadian immigration history is to not and to be proud of . In the present it's to be proud of Canadian immigration because of the amount of Syrian refugees that are being saved from persecution .
This leaves us with a question . Is Canadian immigration going to be the same , worse or better in the future . In the past we saw both . ^